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December 12, 2008

BELIEVE YOU Can Make A Difference --------------- The Dedication of Teachers Part Four

Victoria's dedication to teaching children goes far beyond the walls of her classroom. It's not just a job or career to her, or even a profession. And it's certainly not just part of her life; it IS her life. She has a very special touch and a ready smile and takes the time to listen. She will always be by your side with her enormous, caring heart.

Outside the classrooms, Victoria is a Xian (China) Red Cross Volunteer. After only 3 months of teaching in Xian, an earthquake hit the city of Sichuan on May 12th. This is her beautiful story.....

"I had only been in Xian teaching for three months when the May 12th earthquake happened in Sichuan and since, I haven’t been able to forget the children affected there. I am an American Red Cross Volunteer so it made sense to join Xian's Red Cross too. I wanted to go to Sichuan, but was told I would be of more use here. My student’s father is a doctor; I contacted him to ask if there is anything I can do. Dr Du said patients in the hospital would appreciate a visitor- I was more than willing, since joining Xian Red Cross this would be my first opportunity to do something truly helpful. The next day I visited children with orthopedic injuries (such as spinal/hip injuries), who had been transferred from the epicenter to Xi Jing Hospital in Xian.

The first young lady I met was a beautiful girl who I have named Angel. My Chinese lessons have just started so I can't properly say her true name. She has a hole in her hip and lost both parents during the quake. Despite the heartache she wore a beaming smile. With Dr. Du being a translator I was able to speak to Angel who is fourteen. Angel was asked to sing as I was told she has an amazing voice. She sang as if she didn't have a care in the world. Her voice was breathtaking. It was at that moment I realized how very special this young lady is. Her love shone through to everyone despite her heartache. I was humbled to be in her presence. Angel had to keep constantly moving as it was painful to stay in one stationary position for long. I spoke to Angel about her ordeal in Sichuan. She was leaving her reading class when the earthquake struck. She had tucked herself in a corner of her class and watched in horror as the school crumbled around her. I told her she wasn't lucky; she had angels watching over her. I then pulled out a set of blue rosaries and gave them to her as a gift. She thanked me in English. I thought I would offer to teach her English for as long as she was in Xi'an. She was thrilled as that meant she would see me every week. As much as I hated to I bid her goodbye and went on to meet Julie.

Julie is seventeen. She lies flat on her bed as her spine is damaged effecting her legs. She has a fracture in her hip as well. I was told that Julie suffers mostly with depression. Laying there day after day would depress anyone. Julie was able to produce a smile for me. She was a bit shy but happy to see me nonetheless. I pulled out a set of red rosaries for her and she thanked me as well. She didn't talk too much about what happened in Sichuan to her but I wanted to see her again. I asked her if she would like to learn English as well. She said she would and I told her I would come next week. I thought it would help her with her depression. Her Doctor agreed. I said goodbye to Julie and went off to meet Lily.

Lily is eighteen. Lily's pelvis was broken in half. Her physical therapist showed me her vice-scrip that is now holding her pelvis in the correct position until it heals. Lily's grandmother helps to take care of her. The doctors don't know if she will ever bare children. It seems a tragedy for such a lovely young lady. She doesn't speak of the earthquake either. I asked if she needed anything such as clothes, books, and so forth but she said she needed nothing. She looked at me and stated she just wanted to go home. That I couldn't give her. There was a far away look on her face that showed me she could cry at any given moment. Changing the subject quickly, I asked Lily if she would like to join my growing English class and she said yes with a smile. I pulled out a set of yellow rosaries for her. I bid her goodbye to go to meet Violet. Before I could leave, her grandmother hugged me so tightly that I knew I had helped in some way. I just couldn't figure out how.

Violet is sixteen year old. Violet's spine was injured, specifically her C 5, 6 , and 7 disks. Had her injury been any higher she would have been paralyzed. Although she is not fully recovered Violet will have to wear that hard neck brace for six full months and will not be joining my English class. I wished her well and told her that it was unfortunate we could not get to know one another better. I pulled out the last set of rosaries I had on me that were a teal and blue color and gave them to her. I gave her a hug and said my goodbyes to her and her father.
My time at the hospital taught me something. To continue to serve mankind. Meeting those young ladies has shown me their strength and love of life. They have had the worst kind of tragedy yet they hold on to the one thing that we all look for, hope of a better tomorrow. By reading this, I hope I have given you a chance meet the children of Sichuan...."

Be even more touched and inspired in our final post.
Follow us and your heart to Part Five.

Many Blessings....
Hugo and Roxanne
~ Believe Achieve ~

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  1. Amazing stories. What a ministry to people! We all can make a difference if we look out beyond ourselves !

  2. Hi Jacques!!

    Victoria is truly an amazing person! She's doing a wonderful service for mankind and making a profound difference every single day. We're so grateful to call her a friend and for her many wonderful deeds.

    Many Blessings....
    Roxanne and Hugo
    ~ Believe Achieve ~


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