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October 15, 2008

Inspiring More Gratitude in our Children

"Teaching children the value of "thank you" while young isn't only about manners, it's also about a larger life lesson--the Power of Gratitude." ~Kierna of CafeMom, Bid Kid Buzz

Children, nowadays, need to be taught to SLOW DOWN!! In today's high tech society, it's all about instant gratification. Everything is about getting something or somewhere faster. It's really not teaching our children anything. Instead it's making them more impatient. They're never given a chance to realize the the beauty of getting from Point A to Point B and being grateful for it. Here are a few tips to reprogram our kids.

Children learn by example and absorb every bit of their environment like sponges. So as parents, we need to lead by example!! We've gotten caught up in the FAST, FASTER and FASTEST way of living. Some of us have forgotten to notice the little things that matter most. If we want our children to Slow down, we must walk the talk, too. Take the time to notice the birds, the butterflies, and the bees. Take in the beauty of nature all around us. Share little stories with the kiddos how bees are Grateful for the many flowers and how flowers are Grateful for the bees. And how we're ever so Grateful for both of them, so that we can enjoy the beautiful sights of budding red roses and the fragrant gardenias!! At the end of your story, have your children thank the bees and flowers for creating something so beautiful. Keep your story simple and your children will begin to realize how gratefulness leads to so much beauty.

This brings me to simply saying "Thank You." Thank yous are powerful. We forget the power of giving thanks. Just think about how wonderful you felt the last time someone thanked you. It's just as wonderful to send the feeling back. It's important to teach our children to say "Thank You." And it's important for parents to say it to them, as well. Thank them for closing the bathroom door, picking up their toys, being so nice to their siblings....whatever it is, hearing the words "Thank you" will encourage them to say it back.

Starting a family tradition makes being grateful, a family affair. Our family has a morning and evening "Gratitude" tradition. We gather together before breakfast and bedtime to express 5 things each of us are grateful for. We start with Daddy, Mommy and then we help the kids out, because ours are under 3. It's a Beautiful way to start the day!! The kiddos are always most grateful for their toys, and that's okay. But as important as their toys are to them, we let them know how important it is to be grateful for sunshine, for family, our cozy home and breakfast!!

And one last thing, make being grateful fun!! Do the Gratitude Dance!! It's hilarious!! Start a Gratitude Journal and a Gratitude Scrapbook which include photos, quotes or words that represent something or a moment they are grateful for.

Today, make Gratefulness a family affair!! Have fun while teaching your children an incredible life lesson....The Power of Gratitude.

Many Blessings....

Hugo and Roxanne
~ Believe Achieve ~

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  1. Once again, you're right on target! I know how hard it is to keep kids on the right track in this world. My eleven year old challenges me every day with this stuff, but he's doing pretty well. It's all about "stick-to-it-ivness." :)

    PS Stop by my blog and check out today's entry. I left a little something for you there. :)

  2. Hi Angie!!
    Ahhhh....the tween years. We've heard about it!! LOL We like the "stick-to-it-iveness!!" You're so funny!! It's great!!

    Many Blessings....Roxanne and Hugo

  3. Dear Hugo & Roxanne

    The daily gratitude tradition with the family is such a beautiful thing. Keep it up. I can tell your home is fill with love, blessing and most of all Gratitude.
    You two are awesome!

    Giovanna Garcia

  4. Hi Giovanna!!
    Since we started our Daily Gratitude tradition, we've been showered with MORE incredible things to be Grateful for!! It's hard to narrow it down to 5!! LOL

    We loved your post about "A Loving Home." Home certainly isn't home unless it's filled with Love. We're so blessed to call our "home", Home.

    Many Blessings....Roxanne and Hugo


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