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September 15, 2008

The Story of YOUR Life

If you could write the story of your life, the way YOU want, what would it say?

Think about it for a moment. Would we read about your miraculous recovery from poverty to wealth, how you found true love or be a book of astounding achievement?

Remember, YOU hold the pen in your hand! You can be, do, have anything you desire. So, write your story, the way you want. The same way you've dreamt it to be like.

Now relax, take a deep breath, close your eyes and imagine it. Feel the overwhelming Joy of living the life you most desire. Imagine the success, the undying romance, the incredible wealth, and the wonderous achievement! Even think about, what you will do next.

Now take this life changing action...LIVE IT!!

Start to Think, Feel and Act as if you already achieved and received everything you've ever wanted. How exciting is that? How wonderful does that feel? This will surely alter the way you live, the way you think and the way you feel. Nothing is stopping you from living the life you desire. If it's anything, it's YOU! Your own self. Now that you know this, just get out of your own way! Sounds silly, but it's so true. Just tell "the old you" to step aside and watch out for the New, Fearless, Lively YOU! Today is when you stop staring at the blank page before you.

Today is when your book and life begin. Today you have the chance to start over. All good things are coming your way.

Many Blessings....

Hugo and Roxanne
~ Believe Achieve ~

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1 comment:

  1. If you could see me right now, I'd be standing on my chair applauding you for this little bit of inspiration. Somehow you always manage to put out there exactly what I need to see. Thanks for the message!!


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