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December 11, 2008

BELIEVE YOU Can Make A Difference --------------- The Dedication of Teachers Part Three

Victoria's class is currently working on an incredible project focusing on humanity, love, giving and gratitude. She's having her students write letters and make cards for a wonderful organization called Make A Child Smile. Victoria says, "I will be asking them to take time out and think of someone other than themselves this year. This is an important lesson for all of them."

The Make A Child Smile Organization provides names and courageous stories of children battling and overcoming chronic illnesses. Victoria's class project will not only touch the lives of the children on the site, but also the lives of her students. The many lessons learned from this project include how giving is the ultimate gift, the importance of gratitude for everything we have, to have faith in humanity and most importantly, that love is always the answer. Her classroom now knows the power within a smile and how bringing a little more sunshine to someone elses day, will surely bring more to theirs. Such a priceless lesson!

During another lesson where Victoria was nourishing the minds of her students, one of the shyest boys in the class taught her a positive affirmation about life. This is indeed the greatest of all rewards for a teacher. To know that their dedicated work is never without fruit. During a lesson on advertisement, she showed her students a picture of a poverty stricken child, which stunned them. "They all now know how very lucky they are indeed. I'm not just here to be their English teacher; I have to show them things they know nothing about. Mankind." says Victoria.

She asked her class to come up with ideas for a slogan and advertisement that would encourage her to help a poor child in another country. She had many ideas herself, but it was from one of her students who gave the best slogan-

"No help, No Humans, No world".

This was a moment she will never forget. She knew she'd never forget this child who showed her how much compassion was flowing through her students. "How wonderful for me to know he will help and possibly never forget my class. I'm so grateful to have made a difference here....(he) gave me the greatest motto to live by."

This day, Victoria's students, taught her a very special lesson. She says, "The greatest lesson I have learned from these children is to be a sponge. Because what I learn in life is very important to pass to them."

To hear more about Victoria's dedication as a teacher, please continue on to Part Four.

Many Blessings....
Hugo and Roxanne
~ Believe Achieve ~

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  1. Hello Hugo and Roxanne,

    We all read the article about MACS and the students on your Blog!!! How wonderful what you are doing and thank you so much for posting the info about MACS. Hopefully other teachers or even parents, will do the same with their kids... and you're right... it does teach them a valuable lesson!!

    Also, if you wish to take pictures of Victoria's class while they are making the cards (and some pics of the cards ready too), you can then email the pictures to us and we will post them on our "Card Groups" photo album at http://www.makeachildsmile.org/gallery2/v/macs_other/cardgroups

    Jennifer Haynes
    MACS Staff
    Make A Child Smile Organization

  2. Hi Jennifer!!

    Thank you so much for visiting our Blog and reading the stories we've written. It's a pleasure to have written about an incredible cause such as the Make A Child Smile Organization!! YOU are all doing Amazing things!!

    We just heard wonderful NEWS that Victoria has gotten the ENTIRE school involved to make cards for your Organization!! Isn't this truly WONDERFUL!! Children helping children....such a wonderful thing to see!! We will be writing about it again in the next few days!!

    It's is wonderful to know something we wrote has crossed the oceans to China and how the children at this school were thrilled to do this project in bringing Smiles to other children!!

    We can't wait to help make a larger impact!! Thank you so much for all YOU do!!

    Many Blessings....
    Hugo and Roxanne
    ~ Believe Achieve ~


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