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August 6, 2009

Positive News Thursdays

If you could do something to get rid of unwanted negativity, would you do it?

Of course, you would! It's simpler that you think. Just turn off the News!

One thing that can dampen a wonderfully Positive day is by ending it watching the dreadful News. Starting the day with it is worse. Although, it's important to stay tuned to a few current events, unfortunately, there's a whole lot more negative News in between the good stuff to fill our heads with worry and even fear.

We want to do something different here! We want to share News filled with Positivity! The News of someone Making a Difference, Achieving great Success, about instilling Hope and sharing Love. Who couldn't use more Positivity in their lives? Stay tuned!

Boy With Giving Heart Helps His Family

In Toledo, Ohio, there lives an 11 year old boy with a tremendous heart. Unlike others his age, who find their toys their most prized possessions, Zach McGuire is selling his to ease his family's financial burdens.

He came up with the idea on his own during a conversation he had with his father.

"You can't live in toys, or eat toys," Zach told CNN television affiliate WNWO. "Even though they are fun, you don't need them."

Zach plans to use the proceeds of his toy sales to help his father, an out-of-work Contractor. Although, the family is not relying on Zach's toy sales, they do greatly appreciate and are so grateful for his efforts.

Please watch video below to learn more about Zach and his family. Courtesy of CNN

To view video, Click Here.

Have a Positive Day!

Many Blessings....

Hugo and Roxanne
Believe Achieve

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  1. Hello Hugo and Roxanne,

    Thank you for the positive news. It is good to hear positive news. Well worth visiting your blog. Thank you again.

    Dan and Deanna "Marketing Unscrambled"

  2. Hi Dan and Deanna,

    Thanks so much! We hope you enjoy the Happy News as much as we do. Have a great weekend!

    Many Blessings....

    Roxanne and Hugo
    Believe Achieve

  3. Hi Hugo and Roxanne .. we just need that .. a positive child, being unselfish .. fantastic and his dad is so supportive .. it's excellent .. and as you say don't watch the NEWS ... it's so negative ..

    Thanks good news story!
    Hilary Melton-Butcher
    Positive Letters Inspirational Stories

  4. Hello Hilary,

    Zach is a wonderful little boy with a loving family. We hope the story helps other children realize what's most important in life...Family.

    Thanks for sharing our Positive News with us.

    Many Blessings....

    Roxanne and Hugo
    Believe Achieve


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