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April 10, 2009

Positive Attitude

"There is little difference in people,
but that little difference makes a big difference.

The little difference is attitude.
The big difference is whether it is
positive or negative."

~W. Clement Stone~

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  1. Hi Hugo and Roxanne .. I love the half empty - half full scenario .. it is so true .. I always try to turn things into a positive - and it's unlikely were going to die .. so things will be ok! We can refill the glass and get on with life ..

    Thanks - Hilary Melton-Butcher
    Positive Letters

  2. Great thought! At times we don't realize that the little differences we have are great gifts to cherrish and utilize for the good of many. This is particularly true with attitude. By just being a little positive, by smiling or holding out a warm hand, we'd never know the great difference it would make to someone who is downcast and having a terrible day.

  3. Hello Hugo & Roxanne,

    Your post reminded me my father solding me being 5 years old eating from small pieces of cookies to bigger. He told me that if I keep eating from small, even the biggest becomes "Least Small", not exactly the biggest.

    Thank you for your sharing.

    Shaw Funami
    Fill the Missing Link

  4. Hi Hilary,

    "We can refill the glass and get on with life..." I like that!

    Refilling our glass, much like "filling our well" is certainly important to living a happy and full life. Thanks so much for sharing your positiveness with us!

    Many Blessings....
    Roxanne and Hugo ~ Believe Achieve

  5. Hi Jocelyn,

    Thanks so much for visiting again! :-)

    We've made some excellent points. The smallest acts of kindness can make the biggest of differences. Just smiling is contagious! And will certainly bring a smile to another's face.

    Thanks for sharing your Positive thoughts. It's always wonderful to have you here. :-)

    Many Blessings....
    Roxanne and Hugo ~ Believe Achieve

  6. Hi Shaw,

    Thanks for sharing a piece of your childhood with us. It's always nice to hear from you. We look forward to your next visit. :-)

    Many Blessings....
    Roxanne and Hugo ~ Believe Achieve


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