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February 7, 2009

Interview with Giovanna Garcia of Imperfect Action - Part Three

It all starts with Belief. Believing in yourself, then Achieving what you set out to do.

Giovanna says,

"I think belief is what gives you the eyes to open...open your eyes to what is around you. At one point in my life it was all crap....the belief in myself allowed me to see beyond the crap. Something that was not tangible at the time, but you knew it was out there. And then with Imperfect Action, I started taking action and I found my way to the end of Achieve. What I wanted, what I believed that I could do and I did."

In order to get to this point, we have to start with ourselves. We need to know who we are, instill faith in ourselves and as Giovanna says,

"...believe that you are okay, then everything else is okay."

Because Giovanna is also a Business Coach, she uses the example of fearing to make a prospecting call to show what it means to be 'okay.' Most of time, our fears are the fear of the unknown. We're not fearing if making that prospecting call will result in situation A or B. Our fear stems from not knowing what is going to happen.

"....so if we were self-assured, and we know who we are inside, then it makes it okay that we don't know what's going to come out of it."

Giovanna gives another wonderful example.

"....if I get into a car and I'm familier with my neighborhood,...I know the streets, I know I can drive and I can read a map, so it's okay to tell me to visit you at your home if I've never been there before. Because I know I can look at a map. I know I can find my way....I may circle around a little bit...but I'll get there....You need to know yourself, trust yourself, and have the belief in yourself that you are okay. You are alright. And as you venture out to start your enterprise, start making your prospecting calls, or venturing out to live in a new country.... even though you don't know what all the steps are, but you have the faith in you."

So, let's get in the car. What's stopping us? We know how to navigate and read a map. Eventually, we will get there.

"It will be okay."

Let's begin our journey to perfection by taking imperfect actions because "Imperfect Action is Better Than No Action."

We ask Giovanna, "If there was one Imperfect Action we can all do today, what would it be?"

Her answer:

"Listen to your heart and just do it, whatever your heart tells you."

We could not have said it any better. Today, we challenge you to do what makes your heart sing. Begin your journey of Imperfect Actions to achieve all you set out to do. Achieve the life you have always dreamed of, seek the happiness and love you most desire and achieve great success in all your ventures. Everything begins with your first steps. Only you can take the steps.

Believe in yourself. Have faith. Listen to your heart. And Go for it!

"Imperfect Action is Better Than No Action."

Many Blessings....
Hugo and Roxanne
~ Believe Achieve ~

You all deserve to have Giovanna in your life. We are so grateful to have her in ours. She's made a tremendous difference in the lives of so many struggling with fear and procrastination. Let her guide you to finding your Passion in life and clarify your visions and goals to soar your business and personal growth to new heights. Visit http://www.imperfectaction.com/ to learn more. Be sure to also visit her Inspirational Blog. We look forward to seeing you all there.

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  1. Hi Hugo and Roxanne _

    Thank you for your great posts. Giovanna is definitely a woman who has aspects of both Dynamics and Statics. Great to see her from your aspect. Thanks, again.

  2. Thank you so much for an amazing interview, it was so inspiring to spend time with you and your family in San Diego. Having to know you and your family has added value to my life.
    Thank you,
    Giovanna Garcia
    Imperfet Action is better than No Action

  3. Hi Hugo & Roxanne .. what a good ending to an excellent three part series interviewing Giovanna Garcia.

    Make my heart sing .. that sounds like a blissful idea with the way the world is .. I shall take those 4 words with me as I start my day & week & year ahead ..

    Thank you so much - Hilary - Future Positive


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