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January 21, 2009

BELIEVE ACHIEVE - Transformation

Tighten your grip on your dreams

Reach within

Ask for guidance

Note your progress

Sing the truth of who you are every day

Focus more on what you want than on what you don't

Open yourself to new possibilities and opportunities

Release limiting beliefs

Move forward with faith

Align with your Higher Self

Trust the inspiration you receive

Indulge yourself while you're in this process

Ongoing support network

Nudge yourself out of your comfort zone

How will you transform yourself?

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  1. I think transformation happens when we work on getting better with something, then as we are on the journey of improvement day after day. In a little while we look back and we notice we have be Transformed.

    Giovanna Garcia
    Imperfect Action is better than No Action

  2. Hello Hugo and Roxanne,
    It was great to meet you at the San Diego event put on by Craig & Giovanna. Your Believe and Achieve is so appropriate in so many ways and places. Thanks for your great insights!
    Check this link to "Impossible becomes Possible" I came across and thought of you.

    Barbershop Jerry

  3. This is a really great picture. I had to look at it for a second to get the meaning.At first glance it looked like a beautiful butterfly with irony being the body of the butterfly is the catipillar turning (or TRANSFORMING) into the the butterfly. It represent re-creating yourself, re-inventing yourself, re-branding yourself and so much more...Great post!!!

  4. Hi Giovanna,

    Beautiful words of wisdom! Transformation can happen in all areas of our life. We can improve upon anything and Be Transformed.

    Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom.

    Many Blessings....
    Roxanne and Hugo
    ~ Believe Achieve ~

  5. Hi Jerry!

    It was wonderful to meet you, too! Thank you so much for the link. We'll be sure to check it out ASAP. :-)
    That was truly thoughtful of you!

    Many Blessings....
    Roxanne and Hugo
    ~ Believe Achieve ~

  6. Hi Craig,

    Thank you so much! The picture of the caterpillar within the butterfly is truly a great representation of TRANSFORMATION. We couldn't have found a better picture!

    Thanks so much for stopping by. It's always a pleasure to have you.

    Many Blessings....
    Roxanne and Hugo
    ~ Believe Achieve ~


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