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January 7, 2009

BELIEVE ACHIEVE - 6 Principles to Abundant Living Part One

According to author, Sarah Ban Breathnach of Simple Abundance, there are six key principles which will lead and guide us through our journey of self-discovery. Each element, when working together, will lead us to contentment, well-being, happiness, inner peace and a sense of security.

The challenge most of us face is the lack of awareness of already possessing an unlimited source of personal power through our inner strength, our wisdom, and our creativity to make all our dreams and aspirations come true. Most of us are so deeply buried under external events and sources such as the mortgage, the car payments, the PTA meetings, the business trips and even the dirty laundry that it has become difficult to access our personal powers and use it into our daily lives.

Breathnach says, "When we can't access our inner resources, we come to the flawed conclusion that happiness and fulfillment come only from external events."

When the mortgage and car payments are made, the PTA meetings and business trips are attended and the dirty laundry is caught up, it actually gives us a false sense of happiness. The false sense of fulfillment is because it brought about some sort of change. But the following month, we're once again buried under the bills, the meetings, the trips and more dirty laundry. What's truly happening is we've become dependent on the outside events and circumstances to helps us move forward and backward through our lives.

Today, we challenge you to learn to be the catalyst for your own change! With Breathnach's principles, your authentic awakening awaits. It's time to open your eyes and your heart to the abundance which is already yours.

Continue on to Part Two.

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  1. I'm looking forward to part 2 .. as Sarah says we need to let go - perhaps step away & think - before we speak or act .. as we do possess those powers & we can culture them & bring the best of ourselves to the fore. Thanks for part 1! - Hilary

  2. Believe Achieve - Hugo and RoxanneJanuary 9, 2009 at 12:20 AM

    Hello Hilary,

    Sarah is filled with so much wisdom. Her writing is thought-provoking and true. So happy you enjoyed reading this post. Thank you so much for your comments.

    Many Blessings....
    Hugo and Roxanne
    ~ Believe Achieve ~


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