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November 3, 2008

Fun and Laughter with the Family

Bringing more fun and laughter into our lives is certainly crucial to living a life of pure happiness. Laughter is definitely the best medicine, and having fun makes our days even more enjoyable. In our previous posts, "Have Fun, Laugh More, Stress Less" and "Laughter is the Best Medicine", we focused on the importance of bringing more fun and laughter into our daily lives. We included some tips which have worked for us, like spending time with children, being silly, having friends over or even just starting off your day reading a few jokes on the internet. Anyone of these is sure to bring about much joy and plenty of smiles.

So, we had loads of FUN last night!! We spent the evening playing dominoes with Mom and Dad. The kiddos hung out in the livingroom and did what our son's calls..."play, play, make mess." LOL
We always get together with family, but we hadn't played dominoes in such a long time. The evening was spent laughing, enjoying eachother's company, a little competitiveness because Mom wanted to play for money and it certainly was plenty of FUN. I was the big winner for the night, taking home a whopping $3.50!! The rules were, first player to 50 points was awarded 50 cents from each player. So, if you think of it this way, I was definitely on a winning streak!! Hugo ended with an extra dollar in his pocket. I couldn't help feeling a little apologetic about taking money from Mom and Dad, even if it was a few dollars. I even apoligize to Mom, the one who wanted to play for money but didn't accumulate enough points to win a game. LOL She laughed and joked that I was the reason she had to get up to go to work tomorrow. LOL :-) It left us all in good spirits, reminding us to always make room for Fun in our busy schedules. And sharing much laughter and delight with our family make these moments even more priceless.

So, our dear friends, it's easy to bring about more fun and laughter to our lives. It's good for our spirits and our total well-being. Including the family makes it double the fun!! Take some time this week to have fun and laugh more!! You'll be glad you did.

Tell us about how you bring more JOY, LOVE, LAUGHTER and FUN into your life.

Many Blessings....

Hugo and Roxanne
~ Believe Achieve ~

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  1. Hey great .. I loved playing games with the family .. I remember hours as kids playing bridge, eating gungy chocolates til late in the night and just feeling happy .. good times. If there's a chance I always sit down with family and friends & play cards, or a game .. good to mix ages, good to laugh together .. I look forward to my game of dominoes sometime .. ?soon! Love Hilary

  2. Hi BeHappy Hilary!!
    We'd love to play a game of dominoes with you!! We can get Craig and Giovanna to join in on the fun, too!!
    Family time with lots of laughter is priceless!! Thanks for sharing your memories of good times with us.

    Many Blessings....

    Hugo and Roxanne
    ~Believe Achieve ~


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