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September 23, 2008

They Need to Know....Another Lesson in Gratitude (Video)

Today and Everyday is a Wonderful Day to spend a few moments to be Grateful for something far beyond what we see in our daily lives. Today isn't a National holiday. it's just another beautiful and amazing day to give Thanks to Life's many blessings. Today is a day you'll start seeing things in a different perspective.

Be Grateful for the land you stand on and the dirt that dirties your shoes and covers our patios on a windy day. Because this same dirt is being fought for, hundreds of miles away. Strangers are risking their lives to protect something most of us take for granted. It's called FREEDOM.

Freedom is the power to exercise Choice and make decisions without constraints. Enjoying your cup of coffee in the morning and seeing your kids off to school is Freedom. Getting groceries, driving your car, listening to music is Freedom. Everything we have and everything we do is because we have this incredible gift.

Today, let's send much Love and Support to all those making this possible. Enjoy the touching video below. They need to know....you care, you love, you miss them and are waiting for their safe return with arms wide open. We hope it touches you in the same way it touched us.

Many Blessings....

Hugo and Roxanne
~ Believe Achieve ~

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  1. Very touching video. Left me a bit teary eyed, having relatives who are serving or have served our country. I completely agree with you, we need to be grateful for those who risk their lives every day to ensure our freedom, and I personally am full of gratitude for them. Even sitting here, taking a few moments to read this blog and watch this video are thanks to the freedom I've got. Every day, I realize how blessed I am to be an American. Thanks for reminding me.

  2. awesome...awesome blog! Very, very true!

  3. Hi Angie!!
    I get teary eyed, too, each time I see the video. It is very touching, indeed. My father and other family members have served and are still in the military. I know first hand what each child in that video goes through. I'm so very Grateful for the freedom to share this, and ever so Grateful for the troops and their families who continue to fight for our freedom. Sending many blessings to every single one of them.


  4. Hi Amy!!
    Thank YOU, Thank YOU!! We've got more Love, Joy and Abundance to share, so be sure to come back by.
    So Grateful for you!!



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